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A social project built on an all-inclusive platform for writers and artists of all backgrounds, infused with a myriad of cultures to gather and celebrate diversity and a creative renewal

David Groff
Poet and Professor at City College of New York

Back when language and humanity were new, people gathered around the tribal campfire to share their stories in the rhythms of their speech, bringing the clans together for solidarity against the great dark, building their tongues,  and passing along their songs and tales over time and place. Today, even as the written word is often a page-based art form we read in solitude and silence, we long to come together to hear it, absorb it, and be moved by it. We may not gather around campfires, but we do gather in common rooms, and these days we gather around the glow of our separate computer screens. Over these last months, WordShed has been a vital and powerful connection, animating us with words within one common light. As a poet, I’ve been glad to test out new work at WordShed and bring breath to my poems, while listening to the work of writers I know and writers I’m only just discovering. WordShed ensures that we are more than just solitary singers.


Our narratives inspire art and culture. Through these narratives the future becomes our own.


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